Selasa, 08 Mei 2012

My Diary -Dream Believe Make It Happen-

Alhamdulillah.. I finished my national examination about two weeks ago. 

So, what mush I do after?
Have I finished to wish to Allah or dreaming for?

I say BIG NO. I just starting to reach my dreams. I have been here in SMAN  1 Boyolali for three years. I found the awesome buddies.
Make much loves. Give some jokes. Laugh together. Tell and listen then give a hug and advise that can make us fight 'gain. Jolly everyday. We did.

Something best maker of my sweet memories when I wore 'putih abu-abu'. I won't forget you guys. Never! You're like a flower blossom in the garden. Diverse and very much but still one. Awesome looking. Hummpp.. I 'll miss you latter guys.
Soon we'll split up. We 'll advance one step towards the appropriate level of course what we want. Amenn.
And it's not the end of our struggle. There we will dig, dig and dig knowledge. Get experiences.

Now I waiting, just waiting, and dreaming, also wishing, umm not forget for hoping, chatting with Allah always for the result of my national examination and my college file. Hoping success both. Everything. Amenn..
Dream Believe Make It Happen! -Agnes Monica-
Let's do it!


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